Tuesday 19 January, 2021, 8:01 pm

2021…. A few weeks in…

So, the dust has settled on all of the excitement of New Year and what 2021 might bring and with ‘Blue Monday’ just lingering behind us yesterday (statistically the most depressing day of the year) we are always at this time of year, a little bit delicate and weather beaten. Maybe we realise things haven’t changed quite as much as we’d hoped when the clock struck 12 on January 1st. And let’s be honest, we wanted A LOT to change from 2020.

Last time I wrote my blog, we weren’t even in a proper lockdown, we were still faffing about with different ‘tier’s’ up and down the country, but now here we are back in lockdown – 3.0, (it sounds like a really bad film franchise) as of January 5th and feeling the inevitable restrictions and mundanity that comes with it.  I saw Marian Keyes (who I adore) on Twitter the other day getting dressed up for ‘Bin-night’ and I have to say, this is what it has come to for most of us. This is sort of the level we are all at, at the moment…A little bit delirious and an awful lot bored. The fact we even know what it feels like to even BE in a lockdown is something strange. Just think, this time last year none of us had even been in a lockdown before!!  An experience so unique (and one I’m sure we won’t forget) and yet now here we are,  on our 3rd go round the merry-go-round! We are lockdown pro’s ! And yet for some, this time is even harder. For me personally, this time I’m not finding as hard as the first lockdown. As a a creature of habit and I’m sure having something to do with my strong Taurean horoscope placements, I take comfort in the familiar, the fact we’ve done this before. I know, at least logically, that I can do it again. But I know for an lot of people, health care providers, key workers…. You know, the important people, keeping us creative types alive, the sheer exhaustion of the length of time this is all taking, is having a severe effect on mental and physical health. For me though as I say, aside from a VERY close brush with Covid last week for some of my family (who I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to say seem to be on the mend) I’m just ploughing through. Trying to stay sane and be sort-of productive. Some days easy… some days not.

There are little avenues I go down, small life rafts I cling to in order to feel better and much of these processes have to do with physical exercise and creativity. It seems as long as I physically move and do something creative with my day, I am more or less, OK. I’m sure if you examine your routines, most of you are the same. The day sitting in front of the TV alllll day (as tempting as it may be) – not so good. The day you wrote in your journal and walked around the park looking at the ducks in the pond – better!

One such creative outlet for me last week came in the form of being asked to co-host the Adjust Your Tracking podcast with Liam Delany. This came in the absence of the film and animation Tour de force – Oliver Jones, who is tied up with some incredible claymation project he is currently working on.

Now it’s always nerve-wracking stepping into big shoes, even for a day, for fear of wobbling straight out of them and falling flat on your face. But I thought it would be a lovely opportunity and what an honour to be asked back on the show. So I jumped at the chance! Also, we were talking about an absolutely INCREDIBLE film, the 1950’s Joseph L Mankiewicz classic and Bette Davis spectacular; ‘All about Eve’ which was a particular treat to research and discuss with Liam. Now, I have no illusions of myself as a presenter at all but I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the film and have decided to embrace as many new opportunities as possible in 2021, even if they seem initially a little bit scary. To as they say, ‘put myself out there’ a bit more and you know what? Despite being in lockdown, this is something we can all do now via different social media methods and things like TikTok, which being in my mid 30’s, I don’t really understand but what little I have seen has made me howl with laughter, podcasting or even writing something like this!

The ‘All about Eve’ episode of Adjust Your Tracking will be out next Sunday 23rd January, all being well and I will put a link to it when it is. In the meantime, check out Liam and Brandon Kahn (filling in for Ollie again M.I.A due to the aforementioned project) discussing ‘Elevator to the Gallows’ a French Noir classic from 1958 – Such an interesting episode, these guys really know their films!

I suppose I am trying to find different ways to keep the, not exactly resolutions,  (I’m about as far from a Veganuary, Dry-January type as you can find) but the little promises I made to myself at the start of the year. Despite what is happening around me and sometimes in spite of what’s happening around me in this crazy world we find ourselves in, trying my best not to be rocked to the core. And maybe this is something we can all attempt. It is after all, the little wins that will keep us going… keep us head-down, ploughing through. If that’s just making sure you go outside in nature for 10 minutes today or maybe trying meditating for the first time (and yes 5 minutes does count to start with!) Or even making sure you fed yourself something….anything, nutritious today. It’s these little things that will make this all feel just slightly easier and like we are achieving some small morsel of progress this January. I think the key is not to expect huge leaps, especially if you’re having a hard time emotionally or not sleeping. Apparently insomnia is on the rise right now and people are feeling VERY anxious at this time…. I mean, duh!! OF COURSE YOU ARE! That state is so understandable at this moment in time that I might say it would actually be crazy NOT to be feeling some anxiety right now!

So if you are feeling like this and struggling to sleep of an evening and find yourself cruising for hours on the endless streaming services we all have nowadays, not knowing what to watch, I do have a couple of hidden gems that I have found on Netflix but I imagine you could also rent from Amazon if you so choose. I have seen these very recently and would highly recommend them both. The first being Hope Gap which stars Annette Bening, Bill Nighy and the UK’s new acting ‘golden child’ (probably most famously known for his Prince Charles in The Crown ) Josh O’ Connor. I mention this film briefly in the podcast but it really is a great watch. It came out a little while ago (2019) yet I had never heard of it, so it was a lovely surprise! It is quite a quiet family saga with what I imagine was a small crew and relatively small budget but it really packs a punch. The cast is wholly great, especially Bening as Grace – the intelligent, eloquent and somewhat flamboyant married woman who we see go through all the turmoil and strife to be expected by someone who is being left by her husband after nearly 30 years of marriage. And Nighy who plays Edward, her complete opposite energetically, who’s character we see move around the screen like a tortoise and who would do anything to avoid any conflict or drama and just wants a quiet life….but not with Grace. It’s subtle, it’s poignant and thoroughly worth a watch.

The second film I would mention is Searching which I also found on Netflix this past weekend. A great little film from 2018 about a family who having already experienced tragedy when their teenage daughter goes missing. Maybe it doesn’t sound like the most unique story of all time, but it’s actually very touching. Taking a look at parenting, particularly from the father’s (played by John Cho) point of view with a teenage daughter (Michelle La) in this digital world and how he navigates this as the story gradually unfolds. Also, a lot of the narrative is actually told utilising the fathers’ computer screen as he goes through various social media platforms, which can take a bit of getting used to at first but I thought was a very interesting way to tell the story. A great plot twist too, so check it out.

Films and TV shows are really providing me some much needed escapism at the moment. Stories that touch us and make us feel that sense of compassion and connection are more important than ever it seems.

I saw a small interview piece from one of my favourite authors, Margret Atwood, in this month’s edition of Vogue magazine recently. She says of the pandemic: “There will be another shore after the rapids, I promise. Avoid the rocks, you can do it.” I love that idea of the fast moving rapids. It really gives a sense of how it feels right now, at least to me at any rate. Like we have to cling on and just go with this flow because if you stand up and try to push against it, stand in the boat shouting and exclaiming to the waves that they cannot touch you, you are just not going to win I’m afraid. It’s with eyes closed, gritted teeth, clinging on to whatever/whomever we can and doing what we need to do to ride out the storm, that we will get there. Getting up every day and doing those things we know will make us and those around us feel just that little bit better every day, even when we might want to stay in bed hiding all day that will get us through. Whatever gets you through the night, as they say. And as the days get longer (yes, I am keeping an eye on them stretching by a meagre but very welcomed few minutes every single day) and the night’s get shorter again, we know that WE WILL get through this.

More vaccines are being administered every day which is incredible and something seemingly tangible that we can hold onto and even though it may not be for a while, we know we are on that last stretch, the hardest stretch of all probably for a lot of us, but we will get there. It’s always darkest before the dawn… Day will break soon.


With the flow…

and with love, always.

Nat xx



This weeks adjust your tracking with Liam Delany and Brandon Kahn…


And please support our theatres through this tough time…




Monday 4 January, 2021, 3:14 pm

New year and dreaming big dreams!

Happy New Year to all of my friends near and far!

Well….. that was a disaster wasn’t it? BUT…. we made it, battered, bruised and probably a little bit worse for wear with a few more grey hairs and a little less sparkle in our eyes but we got through that absolute car crash of a year.

For me personally, it wasn’t the worst I’ve had, which maybe says something about some of my other years. But I know, for a lot of people it was the hardest of possible times and don’t get me wrong it was no walk in the park over here either.

I am the sort of person though, to reflect on the positives and I have to say for me at least, there were some positives. I recorded a podcast with the legends over at #Adjustyrtrack which was something I was very nervous about but so glad I overcame my fear and did it! I even got to play a young Cher once again (I know! Lucky me right!) in an episode of #Autopsy for Reelz TV, as well as a few other bits of filming and some great auditions. I did have jobs cancelled though because of Covid and other projects put on the back burner. This was made all the more frustrating frustrating seen as how I started 2020 like an absolute boss with a great new showreel curtesy of my friend Grae Clarke from Indie Film Project (who I honestly can’t thank enough for his great work) and some encouraging responses from  casting directors. But then it all stopped, for all of us. I think I’m only now just able to compute what happened with some hindsight.

It has been slim pickings for all of us in the acting world and I for one, as I’m sure many of my performer friends have, taken to writing with all the time inside. I hope I will be able to share some of that with you all soon. It does make me think though, that when we are finally out of all this (and I have high hopes now with the vaccine, we will be soon) that there will be a plethora of amazing creative work, just bursting onto the stage, cinema and music venues…My god it seems like the stuff of dreams doesn’t it?!! And we will get back there bigger and better than ever! Personally, I can’t wait to get my home theatre open again – the Shaftesbury Theatre in Covent Garden, this is where I work when I’m not acting and for those who have worked in theatre will know it’s like a home away from home, much more than a job. We had &Juliet before lockdown. If you haven’t seen it…honestly do yourself a favour and get those tickets for when we are open again! The heart in that show is just incredible and the talent, I mean.. breathtaking!

And who is excited about going to Edinburgh in the summer? I cannot wait to go and gorge myself on all the talent and creativity! Not to mention Glastonbury happening again!! I sadly don’t have tickets for this year but my goodness what a party that will be this year! We have so much to look forward to when all this is over and to all my friends in the industry, you brave soldiers who ARE this industry, who cried when their shows or tv shows or gigs was cancelled, who took up jobs in supermarkets and delivery driving to make ends meet when we weren’t paid anything for months….Who burned with anger when we saw the retraining (in cyber??) adverts, I mean what even was that?? We are SO CLOSE to being back. Do not lose sight of those goals and dreams!

So maybe we take this first few weeks of the year and potentially enforced ‘tier4 – ness’  to get back in the zone! Run outside (wrap up, it’s freezing) and get back to feeling fighting fit and energised! Write like we are ‘running out of time’ (like what I did there?) Rehearse our monologues and revisit those accents! (Yes dear, you have gotten rusty on your Geordie accent.) Warm up those vocal chords and practice those pirouettes! Because my brave soldiers, this world is more in need of the stories we have to tell than ever! Even if they don’t realise it yet and when we can… Just you wait world!!

Bring on 2021!





Friday 7 August, 2020, 5:01 pm

Podcast fun with Adjust your Tracking.

So last week I had a very exciting (and also somewhat terrifying) experience of being a guest on a podcast! As a huge podcast subscriber it was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Luckily, I was invited on by the geniuses and long time pals of mine over at Better Feeling Films – Oliver Jones and Liam Delaney, as they discussed the 1976 movie Mickey and Nicky on their Podcast Adjust Your Tracking.

As I say we looked at Mickey and Nicky which was from the year 1976 – the year that brought us Rocky, Taxi Driver and Carrie to name but a few. This film stars John Cassavetes and Peter Falk (yep that’s Columbo) and is directed by the WONDERFUL Elaine May, who may just be the most important female movie director you’ve never heard of! (Or at least I hadn’t until we discovered this film) and believe me she’s truly sublime.  Also, we chat about other films that are out on this year, upcoming releases and the state of the theatre and film industry post pandemic.

The Podcast : Adjust Your Tracking looks at one film every year as they journey through the decades and it really is a must for all you film buffs. These guys KNOW film, plus they have extremely lovely, soothing voices to accompany you on your walk, jog, sunbathe…bathtime?? Check them out on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and basically anywhere you would normally get your podcast fix and don’t forget to like, share, review and basically big it up because with your support it can keep going!

To help support the theatre industry through the pandemic you can follow these links to donate:

Theatre Support Fund – https://theatresupportfund.co.uk

The Theatre Artist Fund – https://theatreartists.fund

Theatre really needs our help right now guys and ANYTHING you can do is going to help. Remember actors learn on stage, directors learn a lot of the time by working on stage first in-fact without theatre a lot of movies and TV wouldn’t exist so PLEASE help us through this crisis. Stories matter 🙂

Follow Adjust Your Tracking on Twitter @adjustyrtrack https://twitter.com/adjustyrtrack and Instagram @betterfeelingfilms https://www.instagram.com/betterfeelingfilms/

Wednesday 8 July, 2020, 5:31 pm

Poem for Pride

You by Carol Ann Duffy.

Hi Everyone


I hope you are all well and not finding the transition out of lockdown too troublesome….it’s like we are in this weird half-life at the moment, open but unsure and still feeling quite cut off and lacking in our usual pleasures. Hope you are all being gentle with yourselves and know that better days will come again.

Pride happened last week and this is a cause really dear to my heart. While we couldn’t all be together to celebrate on the streets Spotlight were running a Spotlight Pride event where performers could upload works by LGBTQ+writers or write something themselves. I chose to do a reading of YOU by Carol Anne Duffy who is one of my all time favourite poets. It talks of longing and an almost obsessive desire…I just adored it. I have uploaded it here for you to have a look at…hope you enjoy. Yes – my hair is VERY long atm! Finally a post lockdown haircut coming next week! Maybe I’ll let you know when its done!

🙂 Lots of love! Nat x

Wednesday 21 August, 2019, 9:43 pm

Cher is here!!!


, 9:37 pm

Cher: The Greatest Showgirl – Channel 5

Hello there! long time no message but I’m back again to let you know something VERY exciting! I have recently been in Cher: The greatest Showgirl on Channel 5 by director Steve Webb and I played the role of my childhood Idol CHER!!

This was actually a dream come true! It was shown on Channel 5 on August 16th at 10.15pm but you can still catch it on 5 on demand. It has also been shown on Reelz in the US where the documentary is called, Cher – Do You Believe.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Saturday 11 March, 2017, 5:29 pm

Head and Shoulders!

Hi gang! Its been a while!


Head and Shoulders pic.jpg

But not because I have stopped acting …quite the contrary! I have been a very very busy bee! I don’t know if any of you have noticed but you may have recognised a smiley face on your TV and Cinema screens of late and yes …that was me in the Head and Shoulder ad! Been quite a brazen thing I know but hey I had good hair so…. “Gonna Pull Tonight! ” Lots of people have been quoting that back to me but I think it has made some people chuckle which is a nice thing and its a great way to start 2017…having my face on TV!



The better feeling films gang have been at it again with more episodes of the newly named SUPERZEROES! So yes that’s right we are now no longer Powerless but SUPERZEROES! A much better name in my opinion and we are currently filming the first 3 episodes thanks to our very successful indie gogo campaign last year. Ill let you know when we have those to show you all!



Since I’ve been away I’ve also been doing a couple of very fancy Music Videos for rock gods Bury Tomorrow and Bear makes Ninja …check them out on the links below….

Bury Tomorrow – Last Light

Bear Makes Ninja – Shenanagrams


So a great start to the year all round and what with Spring being in the air I can just taste all the exciting projects this year has in store! For all you creative types – keep plugging away…and eventually you will get there!….Only going one way and that is UP! 🙂


Over and out!

Nat xx




Thursday 2 April, 2015, 12:35 pm

Empire Awards 2015!


Well do I have some good news for you?! We only went and won a bloody award! Our short DIY Ghostbusters – (Where I play Dana) was edited into 60 seconds and has won the ‘Done in 60 seconds’ award at the Empire Film awards on Sunday night! So amazing for Better Feeling films and especially my good friends Oliver Jones and Rob Kenyon who dreamt up the DIY Ghostbusters idea together. They went to collect the award on Sunday. Here is the 60 second version…


And the boys picking up the award…. bless them! Ollie even mentions me! 🙂

So exciting for us all at (the now award winning) Better Feeling Films. Our DIY Jurassic Park is out soon and we are beginning promo on the next Powerless aswell So I’ll be donning my Red cape VERY soon! Exciting times.



Monday 2 February, 2015, 5:55 pm

DIY Ghostbusters?? Where’d it go?? ;)

So our link to DIY Ghostbusters has been taken down at the moment, mainly because it has been entered into the Empire 60 second film competition! It has made it through the first round for selection so fingers crossed I’ll have some exciting news on that front soon. After which the link will be straight back up.

Late last year myself and the guys at Better Feeling Films also filmed Jurassic park in 60 seconds although that one went a tad over…but ill have that up here ASAP for you guys to have a gander at just as soon as its ready.

More Powerless fun is scheduled for March – cannot wait to get back into my red cape….in the mean time check out what my uber talented friend Oliver Jones has come up with for the Prodigy … honestly this guy’s skills know no bounds…I am a very lucky girl to get to work with such a talented man.

More news for me on the acting front – I have recently found new representation with Reima Baker at Break a Leg management as my new agent. I am so thrilled to be working with Reima – she is an extremely cool lady and a powerhouse of knowledge about the industry and I think we are going to have loads of fun working together. Bring on 2015 and all the amazing opportunities it has to offer!

Nat x



Monday 14 July, 2014, 12:01 pm

, 12:00 pm

Ghostbusters fun!

Hi Guys!

Lots going on in my acting world right now and especially in the field of Better Feeling Films! We have come up with a loving homage to Ghostbusters – where I play Dana! So check it out!

There are a lot of exciting things coming from BFF soon so keep popping back for the latest news…and maybe a new Powerless coming soon! Ill be back in my red cape before you know it!

In other new I have had some new headshots done by the wonderful Jennie Scott and will be putting them up here very soon.

Now I must pop off – going to watch Amadeus in Chichester today – with Rupert Everett – Very exciting!

Thanks for reading and pop back soon for more updates!


Nat xx



Monday 30 December, 2013, 9:00 pm

Merry New Year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Hope you have had a lovely festive season and looking forward to this brand new shiny year, as I am. Lots of exciting projects coming up, including more Powerless adventures as Crimson Mist and lots of other acting irons in the fire also including a collaboration with Tea Fuelled and Theatre Delicatessen. Watch this space! In the mean time watch Powerless Episode 2 – Twas the night before Christmas on my videos page. Remember to watch after the credits for a little extra treat. Check out the bloopers too we had a lot of fun on the set this of this one.

Wishing you the best for the next year.

Bring on 2014!


Nat xx

Tuesday 30 July, 2013, 8:59 am

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth!

The Geek Shall inherit the Earth

Hello there!

Hope you are all enjoying the glorious British summer (for once) I have been busy auditioning and taking part in some very exciting projects. Including my debut on the big screen! Last month I shot a commercial for Mother’s Basement with production company Big Table that will be shown on SYFY, SFX and in cinema’s in front of the new Kick Ass movie! I have put a link to the commercial in the links page I think it’s hilarious in a kind of ‘Spaced’ style and I’m player Wonder Woman (sort of!) so maybe I have found my type – Superhero is all I seem to play these days!!

I also have a showreel now that is just in the editing process and will put this up soon for you all to see it is completed. It’s looking great and I’m so excited about it!

Anyway I best get back to it! Opportunities don’t make themselves you know 🙂

Speak soon

Nat xx

Monday 22 April, 2013, 5:28 pm

Ta dah! Back again!

So it’s been a long time, missed me?! Rest assured I have been very busy in my quest to find great acting adventures.I have been getting some great auditions and opportunities lately and hope to be telling you good news on some of those soon so fingers crossed! Also, I’m very much ‘Power up’d’ by the fact the first Powerless is now finished and I have added it to my video section for you all to have a little peak! I’m really proud of it and so excited for the next installment where I will be coming up against an arch enemy – going in for fight training on that next monday so will let you know how that goes! We are hoping to film the next episode in the Powerless saga in July/August so keep popping back for updates. Meanwhile enjoy the show…

Friday 12 October, 2012, 11:04 am

Fable – The Journey and Autumn News!

Hi Everyone!

 It has been a very busy few weeks with auditions a go-go and some very exciting projects in the pipeline! I am excited to now be able to tell you about the video game I was working on earlier in the year as it is now out there for you all to play and doing really well. I was so proud to be part of Fable: The Journey, and it is recieving great reviews from the gaming world! I learned a lot from the project including motion capture and voice over work playing the role of  stand by Theresa and other roles and loved working with the Lionhead Studios Team. I should have some footage from the studios soon from our filming days so watch this space! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1FTK1qi5PA

Check out the link to know more about the game!

Just heard from Better Feeling Films that the premiere for Powerless is going to be on November 29th 2012 so that should be a lot of fun! And Lost in The Headlights the feature film in which I play actress Sam Chadwick is doing the rounds at the Liverpool Film Festival so look out for more news about that soon.

Thanks, as always for checking out my site!

Ciao for now

Nat xxx




Tuesday 12 June, 2012, 3:18 pm

Here’s the Deets!

, 2:22 pm

A Midsummer Night’s Dream/ Julius Caesar

Sooooo it has been a while but since I was last here and I remember saying to you that  I was auditioning for lots of different bits and bobs but the reason I haven’t been able to blog for a while is those auditions were happily turned into rehearsals (Hooray!) for not one but 2 shows that I’ll be performing in over the summer. I am currently working on A Midsummer Nights Dream which is going to open next week actually (Yikes!!) and Julius Caesar. Both of which are from the award winning Principal Theatre Company and are shaping up rather nicely now I must say. I shall be playing the most magical of fairies – Peaseblossom in A Midsummer Nights Dream and playing my Guitar and singing A LOT throughout the show. Principal like to take a fresh approach to their Shakespeare pieces and this year Dream is set to the music of the Beatles -which is a lot of fun.

Julius Caesar, which like Dream is an outdoors production is to be played in the round and set modern day – looks like it is going to be a very clear and relevant portrayal of the classic original. I am playing a PA (Caesar’s servant) and a very nasty member of the faceless mob (Citizen 1) and playing my guitar and providing some music. It’s looking like a great show!

It has been a lot of work doing the two shows at once but the company are so wonderful and we are having such a great time with it.

We already performed twice in Reading as part of the Reading Music festival with a 1 hour version of Dream last week which was really well received, so this has made the group very excited for the real opening of the show.  Come and see us if you can…check out the flyer for dates and venues … I can guarantee a great show and a lot of fun

Be in touch soon

Nat xx

Wednesday 4 April, 2012, 11:32 am

P.S. Let me introduce you to Crimson Mist…

Exclusive Publicity shot from Powerless!

Hope you like it! This cool photo was taken recently by Rob Kenyon who can also be seen in Powerless playing the role of Supremo. More to come soon….


, 10:15 am

April Updates!!

So! It has been a while, things in my world have been so busy of late I haven’t had a second to myself but now I can catch up with you all and let you know what I have been up to! Aside from auditioning constantly I have been doing some sword fighting as you can see from my latest videos uploaded on the video page. This is a scene with myself and Roger Bartlett playing Zorro and Elena in The Mask of Zorro, for the Directors guild Creating Violence workshop. We only had a morning to shoot this and edit it and I think the result is pretty good! Check it out.  On the videos page also you will see a cheeky little scene from myself and James Boba which that I hope you will enjoy and my voicereel has now been uploaded too! So you can listen to lots of readings by me. There is quite a range on there, everything from The Worst Witch to Shakespeare so have a listen!

Since we last spoke I have also been filming more on Powerless and completed the publicity shots and ADR so hopefully soon that will be with us all. So excited! I’ll let you know when it screens!

Also since we last spoke I have been working with Lionhead on a brand new computer game. Motion capture is sooo much fun and a totally unique acting experience! I can’t tell you the project I have been working on or the character yet but I can say it was an incredible experience and hope to have more opportunities to perform in this way in the future!

Show tip:  Sweeney Todd – Went to see this the other day at the Adelphi and it is such an incredible show with some outstanding performances … just take my advice and go and see it!

Now I better get back to my audition prep…no rest for the wicked! I’ll be in touch soon with my latest escapades!


Ciao for now!

Nat x

Wednesday 1 February, 2012, 10:03 am


Hi Guys!

I’m fresh back from a trip to New York and I have to say the big apple is my new favourite place. I would love to work out there one day…who knows!

Anyway back to the earth and specifically the UK , I promised I would tell all about my new film Powerless so here goes!

Powerless is the brain child of writers and directors Oliver Jones and Liam Delaney  who are also the founders of Better Feeling films. Check them out on the link on this site. Powerless is a superhero comedy about four unlikely superheros. The gang’s leader – Supremo played by Rob Kenyon, Man Man played by Paul Nadin, Resurrection Boy played by Jamie Broadrick and Crimson Mist played by yours truly! Crimson Mist who is the only female superhero and the only one to actually have a genuine super power, she can teleport! She turns into a mist whenever she is in danger and to help her get the better of her enemies! Crimson Mist  is a pretty kick ass girl as you will see in the first short film Powerless…the First!?? Well you never know we may be making more of them in the near future .

We have had a lot of support for this film including lots of sponsorship and I want to thank everyone who has got behind the venture and helped us raise funds for the film we are truly grateful to each and every one of you . We have also had backing from no other than Kevin Smith the cult film director and producer!  Soooo exciting! We have nearly finished shooting the first short and so hopefully Powerless will be in your lives soon. I’ll keep you posted but in the mean time.

Over and out!

Nat x


Friday 6 January, 2012, 11:08 am

Welcome to Nataliegardner.co.uk

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year and welcome to my site! Wow! What a way to start 2012 with my very own site! Please feel free to have a wander around – there is a lot of photos and videos on here for your perusal. My about page tells you more about who I am and my past career and I will be updating you on my latest acting adventures on this page.

You may have seen me strutting my stuff on the prime time BBC 1 advert for Children in Need – Silent Disco this winter, alas my silent disco days are now over  as the Children in Need campaign is but don’t worry you can still laugh at my dancing by clicking on the link on this site!

Pop back to the site soon to hear all about my next film Powerless which is currently in production!

For now adieu!

Lots of love

Nat x